Explore the Maya World

Have you always wanted to see a whale shark? Or is it an old mysterious civilization that you seek? Well, come to Mexico where all of this and more is possible! At Solana Tours we pride ourselves of picking out the not so obvious places and putting together memorable trips. We do not only have extensive knowledge of Mexico but are equally skilled when it comes to organising your trip to Guatemala or Belize.

If you are merely looking to a beach stay we are probably not the partner you are looking for but if adventure and exploration are on your mind then by all means, get to know us better!
Feel free to browse our trips but be sure that these are just the trip of the iceberg. Should you have more specific wishes or is there a particular place that you would like to visit but it is not in the tours mentioned on the website, simple drop us a mail and we will be in contact within 24 hours with a quotation to follow in less then 72 hours provided we have all details from your side!

  • We just came back from our wonderful trip to Mexico. We could not have wished for a better honeymoon and we would like to thank the whole staff of Solana of making our stay unforgettable. Especially the honeymoon suite at Mahkal resort was amazing but so was the delicious sushi we tried! We will be back……..

    Greg and Bianca
  • We would like to thank Solana helping organise our trip through Central America. We will never forget the scuba diving at the blue hole in Belize as well as the dives at the cenotes near Tulum. All of this was amazing and combined perfectly with our round trip. We will tell all our friends about you!

    Uwe and Stefanie
  • We really enjoyed our tour through Guatemala and Mexico. Highlights for us were the indigenas tour in San Cristobal and the market in Chichicastenango. All still so authentical, amazing! The circus restaurant in Panajachel you recommended was our favorite when it comes down to “places i would have never went myself”………..Take care and we hope to come back someday

    Marc and Ghislaine


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