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Solana Tours is an incoming tour operator based in Playa del Carmen in the ‘Riviera Maya’. We specialize in FIT and groups tours with 10 years of experience not only covering Mexico, but also actively promoting travel in Guatemala, Honduras and Belize.

Solana tours has a European Mexican staff; a guarantee for a thorough organization with nice Latin flair! Quality, service, efficiency and originality are important standards for us.

Even though places like Cancun and Playa del Carmen are well developed tourism wise, we think that much of the area remains open to adventure and exploration. We can organize the usual ‘standard’ tours to the most popular sights nearby,  but we like  to focus on creating more original experiences throughout the entire Mayan route. Please check our program examples to have an idea of the posibilities!

We would be honored to create and organize tours for you in the near future and of course we will make sure all your products are handled flawlessly at very competitive prices. Besides, even relatively independent travellers often evaluate our service as very supportive and useful!

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